At every scale it seems we are living in times of unprecedented demand. We are confronted with chaos, upheavals, and the continual encounter with the surprise and uncertainty. Many of us choose to hunker down, buffeted by that which we cannot understand or manage. But what if, in all of this chaos and order, there was a call to a different form of leadership?

The Art of Hosting was born to answer the question of how we lead together when we don’t know where we are going? From the personal to the global, practices of participatory leadership are helping to co-create resilience, opportunity and renewal in organizations, communities and families.

Rooted in the work of courageously hosting conversations that matter, the Art of Hosting is a field of practice that helps groups of people tap into and unleash the creativity that is needed to deal with unprecedented circumstance.

You are invited to join us

for a 3.5 day dive into experiential and collaborative learning in the ART of hosting meaningful conversations that lead to wise action in organizations, communities and the world. You are invited to bring your real questions and challenges as a basis for your learning.

We believe that a leader is anyone who shows up to do the work. And leaders who are equipped with practices that help them stay in the difficult work of facilitating through uncertainty are the leaders that the world needs now.

We have discovered that learning together arises from participatory leadership and well hosted conversations, and the ability to move from strong need, to a powerful conversation to good decisions and wise action.

The Art of Hosting meaningful conversations is an emerging practice for a world of emerging challenge. And you are invited to join us.