The Art of Hosting practice was born out of the field of large group facilitation, where self-organization and “a leader in every seat” are prime organizing principles. From our experience with these methods and modes we began thinking about the new leadership paradigms brought to us from complexity science and living systems theory. And we seek to marry these practical methodologies and these large scale world view with accessible design tools and frameworks that keep us in the dynamic and creative dance of chaos and order.

Within an Art of Hosting learning event you will experience:


World Cafe, Open Space Technology, PeerSpirit Circle, The Work of Byron Katie, Appreciative Inquiry, Pro-Action Cafe, Collective Story Harvest, Applied Improvisation.

Worldviews and theory

Living systems, Theory U, Chaordic design, Theories of complex adaptive systems, Emergence

Design tools and frameworks

Participatory decision making, Cynefin framework, chaordic design

The Art of Hosting is an experiential learning workshop where we select from these and other tools to build a learning container where participants can bring their real questions and challenges and, working with others, use these as a basis for learning and developing a hosting practice.

You are invited to bring your current questions and challenges as a basis for your own learning and practice throughout the retreat, and you will have the opportunity to dive into real time collaboration with a diversity of participants who are stepping into this work locally and beyond.